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IZIPIZI Polarised Lenses - Sun NAUTIC

Designed for fans of water sports and driving, the #SUN Nautic, with its grey/green polarized lenses (category 3, 100% UV protection) respects natural colours, provides better contrast and protects against glare.
And as for style... Our #SUN Nautic sunglasses have a curved frame and flexible arms. Models are unisex and available in a selection of super-trendy colours.
The popular #SUN Nautic collection has established itself as an essential piece of sporty-chic eyewear!


Glasses dimensions NAUTIC (in mm)

The sun emits visible and invisible electromagnetic waves. The most harmful invisible rays are ultraviolet rays (UV) and are dangerous even on cloudy days: clouds absorb only 10% of them.
Good weather polarised - Anti-glare for more visual comfort. Increases contrasts in natural environments
Polarised sunglasses cat. 3, VLT 12%
NAUTIC protects your eyes from unwanted glare with 100% UV category 3 polarised green lenses: anti-glare, they are designed to increase contrast in all natural environments and ensure optimal visual comfort

Wide field of vision
The full frame offers a wide field of vision to fully enjoy the panorama during your outdoor sports activities.

Curved temples
The slightly curved branches of the NAUTIC provide an optimal fit for all face shapes, for sports activities without constraints.
Blue Tortoise
King Blue
Night Blue