Dropsafe ViralOff® Face Mask

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    The Dropsafe ViralOff® Face Mask is a fabric mask that uses Polygiene ViralOff® Technology to protect your personnel against virus particles.

    The Dropsafe ViralOff® Face Mask has been proven to be a more effective solution for reducing virus particles compared to other fabric and surgical masks. The Polygiene ViralOff® material has been proven to destroy virus particles quicker than alternative fabrics. When tested against other fabrics ViralOff® destroyed the test virus by 93% at 30 minutes, and 99% after one hour.


    -Fabric face masks are CDC recommended
    -Reusable & washable
    -Comfort fit
    -Environmentally friendly
    -Up to 80% cheaper than disposable alternatives

    -Polygiene ViralOff® technology
    -Barrier against droplets
    -High-performace Odour-Crunch© fabric
    -3D V fitting
    -Anti-splash & water-repellant fabric

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