Innergie PowerGear 60C USB-C Adapter (Free MagiCable™ 150 Laptop Cable)

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Powerful things now come in even smaller cubes

Our vision has always been to create the smallest, most powerful and most high-efficiency laptop adapter in the world. Pack light and professional. Powerful 60-watt all in the tiny size of 55cc. With Innergie 60C USB-C Laptop Adapter, that vision is now a reality - Mobile power, made better.



Super intelligent and versatile adapter ever

So intelligent it can respond to smartphones, tablets, laptops and more USB-C devices. The latest and most advanced USB PD technology automatically detects different voltage (5V、9V、12V、15V、20V) capable of fast-charging virtually all mobile devices. The one, for all.


Always fit in

The slim, vertical design format ensures it will always fit any available socket spaces, while never taking up more room than a charger reasonably requires.


A revolution in size

A tiny space houses some of the most sophisticated technology we’ve ever developed, creating a deeply extraordinary structure whose enclosure and components are specifically designed for Innergie 60C. Micro reduction techniques combined with a precision 3D placement configuration creates an advanced circuitry system that enables heat radiation and performs like no other charger available today.


60-watt, 92% High-efficiency, Tiny size

Your only choice.


Celebrating each milestone with you

Alongside the expert with a half-century history in power management, Delta ELectronics, Innergie never stops to become better. Since 2014, the Planar Transformer applies twice, back then and now, made history of the worlds smallest adapter.


Never gets caught

Folding plugs fit flush with the case to give it a smooth, compact finish that will never get caught on belongings or damaged accidentally while not in use.


One for all

Including a 1.5m USB-C to USB-C cable which intelligently responds to all your USB-C devices. The latest and most advanced USB-PD technology automatically detects different voltage for your smartphones, tablets, laptops and more USB-C devices. With its sharp design, USB-C port is capable on both sides.


InnerShield™ gives you the protection and security

Only Innergie products come equipped with this powerful protection technology, offering a level of security no other device can match.


The cutting-edge fast charging - USB Power Delivery

We remain at the forefront of fast charge. PowerGear 60C employs the latest technology - USB PD. So intelligent it can charge your iPhone X and 8 series with 9V output. Juicing 50% within 30 minutes which is up to 2.3 times faster than the original charger. It gives you more power to do more.


GreenSense™ promise to protect the environment

Our promise comes from our mission to conserve energy. By improving our designs, we strive to optimize energy use and realize our sustainable green energy concepts.


A 3-year warranty and thoughtful services

Innergie offers an industry-leading 3-year warranty on its entire line of chargers. Register your product on the to receive the 3-year warranty.


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