l iPM H30 Magic Stick


iPM H30 Magic Stick

H3O Magic Stick turns water into micro-molecular clusters, purifies, and eliminates residual chlorine. The most special feature of H3O Magic Stick is that water processed with it contains hydrogen ions, hydrogen ions diffuse into your body to rapid elimination malicious free radicals, reduce cell damage, anti-oxidant, anti-aging and enhancing metabolism

- Made in Korea
- Build-in a Li-ion rechargeable battery (Availability for use around 30 times after fully charged in 3 hours)
- Just 3 mins to produce Hydrogen Ion water (Recommend drinking the produces hydrogen ions water within 3 minutes)
- Compact size (18.7 x 2.3 x 2.3 cm)
- Portable and easy to carry
- Stylish design
- International certification
- With USB recharger cable, Hook and case


Product Usage:

Step 1: Take the H3O Magic Stick from the protective case
Step 2: Fill a glass with about 200ml of water
Step 3: Place the H3O Magic Stick in the glass For best result, water level should be above
the top of the high-efficiency decomposition stick
Step 4: Press the power button of the H3O Magic Stick and hold for 2 seconds Illumination of the LED indicator means commencement of the production of hydrogen ion water
Step 5: The indicator will be off after 3 minutes when production of hydrogen ion water is completed