IZIPIZI Reading #F Black

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Reading glasses - #F READING: folding, pocket reading glasses. Unisex, universal model, suitable for presbyopia - available with prescription lenses, dioptres ranging from +1 to +3.
Ultra-light with a small pouch so you can always have them with you. Practical and easy to store.
Original, fashionable design. Rubber texture and flexible arms: comfort guaranteed.
Accessible style in every circumstance!



Longsightedness is a natural part of ageing of the eye which affects people from around the age of 40-45. It reduces the ability to see nearby objects, especially when there is insufficient light.


Magnifying lenses
For the longsighted, reading up close first requires additional effort and then gradually becomes impossible. Magnifying lenses become necessary for seeing up close.

Flexible arms
Flexible, comfortable arms, with spring hinges, which adapt to all face shapes and sizes.

Biosourced frames
The #F frames are made with our castor oil-based biosourced material, G850.

Diopters: +1.00