Lexuma XGerm- Multi-functional Phone UV Sanitizer

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Thorough Sterilizing Process

It has been scientifically proven and tested by independent third-party laboratories that

the Lexuma XGerm can eliminate most of the germs covered in mobile phones effectively.

With a big ultraviolet lamp glowing from the sides of the sanitizer, 

most of the common household germs can be killed instantly within 15 minutes.




Simple operation with Voice Guide

XGerm is not only built to sterilize our everyday items,

it also takes away the burden and simplify our lives by its unbelievably easy operation.

With only two buttons, sterilization and aromatherapy,

items like cell phones, toothbrushes, jewelries and glasses can all be sterilized.

After turning on, a voice guide immediately appears to assist and explain the process for the users.



Aromatic Sterilizing - Freshening your Item

Apart from the regular ultraviolet sterilization technology,

the Lexuma XGerm also offers a refreshing aromatherapy function for a more unique and customized sterilization!

All you need to do is to press the right button indicating aromatherapy,

place the item you want to sterilize and drop a few drops of your favorite aromatic oil and let it begin the sterilization.

In just 15 minutes, you can enjoy a germs-free and re-freshened phone with your favorite scent!

 Lexuma-XGerm-Mobile Phone-UV-Sanitizer-m1-phonesoap-bacteria-eliminate-wireless-charge-charging


Qi Wireless Charging Function

The XGerm Sanitizer also acts as a Qi wireless charger,

if your phone model supports wireless charging,

you can use the device as a portable charger and charge your phone anytime,

even during the sterilization process!



The Lexuma XGerm Sanitizer is not only multi-functional and portable, but also has a very low voltage.

Therefore, the device is made for anyone to use.

In addition to that, it is compatible with most of the smartphone models up to 6.5 inches in size.

Lexuma-XGerm-Mobile Phone-UV-Sanitizer-m1-phonesoap-bacteria-eliminate-iphone-android-blackberry-mi


It's hard to stop using a phone, but with the latest Lexuma XGerm UV Sanitizer, now it's easy to stop all the bacterial madness on it!



1. Turn on XGerm via a USB cable and place your mobile phone into the sterilizer.

2. Press the left button indicating “Sterilization”. The progress of the cleaning process, from 25% to 100%, can been seen on the four indicating lights. The whole process takes about 6-15 minutes.

3. In order to add scent to the cleaning, press the right button “Aromatherapy” and add a few drops of your favorite aromatic oil onto the aromatherapy socket in the corner. The entire process takes up 6-15 minutes.

4. Wireless charging is available during the aromatherapy process.



Safety Warning:

  • Keep the sanitizer away from flame, water and any corrosive chemicals.

  • Do not clean the sanitizer with organic solvent.

  • Avoid looking at the ultraviolet lamp directly.




Dimensions of Unit: 218 x 123 x 53 mm

Dimensions of Inner Capacity: 180 x 100 x 22mm

Power (Sterilizing): 2 x 1w

Input Current: 1-2A

Power (diffusion): 1w

Power (sterilizing): 2w

Input Voltage: dc 5v

Max. Power: 9w

Ultraviolet Wavelength: 253.7nm

Certification: CE, FCC, RoHs, Report for analysis


Package includes:

Lexuma XGerm Mobile UV Sanitizer x 1

USB Cable x1

Instruction Manual x1

lexuma Multi-functional UV Phone Sanitiser singapore antelimited
lexuma Multi-functional UV Phone Sanitiser singapore antelimited
lexuma Multi-functional UV Phone Sanitiser singapore antelimited
lexuma Multi-functional UV Phone Sanitiser singapore antelimited