l Morphee - Meditation and Sleep Aid Device


Morphée - Meditation and Sleep Aid Device


Morphee contains over 200 combinations of meditation sessions in English, French, Spanish and Italian. All sessions were carried out by sleep professionals.(STAR) Fall asleep peacefully, quickly and deeply (BATTERY) Recharge your batteries with great serenity (CAT) Sleep deeply and enjoy a restful sleep (LOTUS) Wake up refreshed, ready to start the day When you find it difficult to fall asleep… Turn the first key Choose your theme. Morphée has 8 relaxation and sleep techniques to choose from: body scan, breathing, movement, visualisation, cardiac coherence, napping, relaxing music and nature sounds. Turn the second key Choose your session. For each theme, there are 8 sessions to choose from. Sessions are listed and detailed in 'The Blue Book of Sleep' that comes with Morphée. Turn the third key Choose the duration of your session. Each session has an 8 and a 20 minutes version. You can listen to your session through the built-in speaker or use your headphones/earphones. Press play The voice (Gina or Piers) will guide you and help you shift your attention from your thoughts to your body and breaths. Listening to these sessions will remove stress, anxiety and generate calm. They will help you fall asleep quickly, serenely and experience a deep and restful sleep.

  • Speaker and jack, Micro USB charger.
  • 100% disconnected: no waves and no screen.
  • Battery operated with 7 days battery life or mains operated.
  • Morphée contains more than 200 combinations of guided sessions performed by sleep professionals.
  • With the first key, choose the theme of your session (7 themes), with the second, choose your session (each theme contains 8 sessions) then the duration (8 or 20 min) and the voice that will guide the session (male or female).