l my Little Morphee - Children's Meditation Box


my little Morphée - Children's Meditation Box

Morphee is now available in a children's version with my little Morphée! a Box containing meditative trips designed for children from 3 years old. The objectives of this Box in the form of a small radio and with an intuitive design? Help children to: - refocus, - regain their calm, - tame their emotions, - improve their concentration, - fall asleep more easily. My little Morphée contains 192 different contents: 128 meditative trips to develop your resources: - confidence - enthusiasm - generosity - wisdom - happiness - daring - curiosity - Autonomy 32 meditations to do alone or with others. Thought to generate calm and relaxation, they also allow children to tame their emotions and develop their self-confidence 16 relaxing nature sounds 16 original soft music a tool designed by parents, designed by professionals: written by professionals in children's relaxation, the texts all include visualization workshops, breathing and relaxation. They promote calm and help children discover themselves and explore their internal resources. Does my little Morphée work? 1) with the left key, the child chooses the animal with which he wishes to go on a trip. He can also choose to do meditation sessions, listen to relaxing music or sounds of nature. 2) with the right key he chooses in which universe he wishes to travel (island, desert, forest.).
  • Speaker and jack, Micro USB charger
    Session duration: 8 or 20 minutes
    100% disconnected: no waves and no screen
  • Helps develop concentration skills
  • 128 soothing mediation journeys, 16 nature sounds, 32 meditations, 16 soft music
  • From 3 to 10 years old