Moshi Sette Q dual wireless charging pad (adaptor not included)

Sale price$159.00

Dual Qi-certfied EPP wireless charging modules provide up to 15 W each for fast wireless charging. Charges compatible smartphones and wireless earbuds without wires, as well as an additional device such as an Apple Watch, portable battery, or fitness tracker via USB-A port. USB-C power cable included.


Sette Q is the center of your charging world, replacing the array of charging cables cluttering up your desk, coffee table, or night stand. Charge your phone and earbuds wirelessly at the same time by simply placing them down on Sette Q. For device-heavy households, Sette Q serves as a central charging station in the living room, kitchen, or home office. Supports wireless charging for Qi-certified devices from major manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Google, and Sony, as well as wireless charging cases for AirPods, Pixel Buds, and Galaxy Buds.