l Moshi SnapTo Slim Magnetic Wallet


Moshi SnapTo Slim Magnetic Wallet

A minimalist wallet that fits your most important card—leave your bulky bag at home and carry only the essentials when on the go. The built-in SnapTo™ magnetic array allows you to easily attach and detach from Moshi SnapTo™ cases and the tap-and-go pass-through lets you scan transport or payment cards with ease.


Easily snap on and detach from your phone

Moshi's SnapTo™ magnetic technology easily attaches to other products. Secure your SnapTo™ Slim Wallet with ease when heading out, then effortlessly remove the wallet to mount your phone for the drive, or a compatible wall mount at home or the office. A Moshi SnapTo™ phone case is needed. Check out our SnapTo™ series.


Scan cards with ease

Unlike competing magnetic card-carrying solutions, the SnapTo™ Slim Wallet is thin enough for machines to read data without removing your card. Breeze through ticket gates or tap-to-pay in seconds with just one hand.


Protect credit card data

Carry your card with confidence. A built-in layer of magnetic shielding material prevents the SnapTo™ array from interfering with magnetic strips such as those found on credit or payment cards.