Multi-functional UV Sanitizer Station

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It has even been shown that germs/bacteria remain on smartphones to such an extent that these devices become 10 times less hygienic than a public toilet; this is indeed a worrying statistic.

The Travelmall Multi-functional UV Steriliser Station with Qi Wireless Charger is designed to sterilise and may kill bacteria* most commonly identified on smartphones' displays, thanks to its built-in UV-C LED technology.  

The product has a wireless charging function, which recharges your smartphones wirelessly via the Qi wireless charging standard while it is being sterilised. Other than smartphone, you may also sanitise different personal belongings that will fit inside such as smart watches,  keys and any other small objects. Compatible with most smartphones up to 7 inches in size such as iPhone, Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc. Ideal for use at home, office or hotel.


  • 6 minutes rapid disinfection and sterilisation 
  • Qi-wireless charging function
  • Beep sound alert when the sterilisation process is finished
  • The steriliser station is suitable for smartphone, keys, mobile devices
  • A powerful, portable product for own-use or as a present for your relatives or friends

How to use

(I)         To sterilise your phone & wireless charging

  • Rinse your hands with water and dry your hands before using our product
  • Connect the UV Steriliser Station to the external AC adaptor or power bank via the included USB charging cable (5V DC, 2A output current is required)
  • Open the cover. Align and place your Qi-enabled phone or personal belongings inside the Steriliser Station. The wireless charging begins automatically and the LED indicator starts blinking blue
  • Close the cover, press the steriliser button once to sterilise your phone and start up the 6 minutes rapid disinfection and sterilisation programme. The solid blue LED remains ON indicating that both the sterilisation and wireless charging are in progress
  • While the sterilisation is finished, you will hear “beep beep beep”, indicating that the sterilisation is completed and it will now stay in the stand-by mode or wireless charging mode to complete charging
  • Wireless charging takes approximately 3-5 hours depending on your phone
  • Remove the phone and unplug the cable if the phone is fully charged

(II)         To use the wireless charging

  • Open the cover of the UV Steriliser Station, align and lay your Qi-enabled smartphone on the charging surface. Close the cover, the wireless charging will begin automatically
  • The LED indicator starts blinking blue, indicating that the product is in wireless charging mode
  • Wireless charging takes approximately 3-5 hours depending on your phones
  • Unplug the cable if your smartphone is fully charged.


  • Size:  17.8 x 9.6 x 1.7 cm (inner compartment)/21.6 x 12.4 x 3 cm (Outer)
  • Weight:  302 grams
  • Input: 5V DC, 2~2.4A (recommended 
  • Cable length: 1 metre
  • USB Output: 5VDC, 2A (2A adaptor is recommended, not included)
  • Operating temperature: -10° C to 45°C
  • Audio alert: Beep sounds for steriliser and wireless charging status 
  • UV wave length: 253.7nm
  • UV lights power (Sterilising): 3W x 2
  • UV lLightbulbs lifespan: 10,000 hours
  • Wireless charging standard: Qi wireless charging international standard
  • Wireless charging output: 5W
  • Compatible with Qi-enabled smartphones up to 7 inch
  • What’s inside: Smartphone Steriliser with Qi Wireless Charger Station, charging cable


  1. Keep the product away from direct sunlight
  2. Don’t look directly at the ultraviolet lamp directly while sanitising operation is in progress
  3. Don’t exposing your skin, your eyes, your pets or non-UV resistant plastic items to the UV-C light
  4. Do not try to open the top cover while the sanitising operation is in progress.
  5. Keep the product away from small children
  6. Don’t touch the product if your hands are wet
  7. Do not clean the steriliser with organic solvent
  8. Please keep the steriliser away from high temperature, flame, water or any corrosive chemicals.

Disclaimer: The main purpose of the device is to sterilise and may kill bacteria* most commonly identified on smartphones' displays, and not to remove fingerprints or any other marks. We cannot be held any liability if the specific bacteria might not be eliminated.