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Pitaka Air Quad 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock

A Powerful & Premium Apple Certified 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Dock to Power Up All Your Apple Devices.

MFi Certified 4-in-1 Wireless Charger for All Apple Devices & Qi Certification

We care about our Apple devices, just like you. 

Incorrectly charging your devices can cause long term damage to its battery life. This is why we designed our wireless chargers in a very specific way. The MFi & Qi certification means that all the electronics are designed and specifically tuned for apple devices. This ensures that you are charging in a safe manner, exactly the same as your Apple original charger.


Drop and Charge

Charging Has Never Been so EASY!

As the world's first chain-coil wireless charger, both the Air quad and the Air Trio have  high-power wireless charging transmitter chain-coils built within the deck zone, which means you can simply drop your Qi-supported device and it starts charging at up to 10W speed. Life is simple, never again do you need to go looking for the charging spot with a so-called wireless charger.

Your Life is Free, Don't Be Limited by Devices

Charge Your Apple Watch Any Way You Like


Licensed by Apple, the Apple Watch charging module can either flip up or down with a simple click. This allows you to charge your Apple Watch safely horizontally, or vertically when you use it as a night clock.

18W Super Fast Charging Port

Charge your phone up to 50% within 30 minutes

Both support 18W fast charging and can charge your phone to up to 50% within 30 mins. Saving you time for the more important things in life instead of waiting for your device to be charged.


Case Friendly Design

Designed with an adjustable controller, the lightning/type c terminal can be adjusted to fit your device charging no matter whether it wears a case on or not.


Technology Should Serve Human, LDR Design Ensures Your Nice Sleep 

We know you may charge your devices in your bedroom as you go to sleep. With the LDR (light-dependent resistor) sensor, the light goes dark automatically when lights off, so that you can sleep peacefully.


Using Whilst Charging

The Air Quad is also equipped with a foldable stand, helping you to charge devices upright. So you can keep an eye on incoming messages, weather alerts, scores or what’s playing on Spotify. You can also use it for hands-free FaceTime calls or for watching live videos on Facebook and Instagram.


Space-Saving Foldable Design

When there is no need for you to charge the iPad or other devices on the terminal, you can always decide to fold it and save space.


Organize All Your Apple Devices with A Compact Design

Being the ultimate 4-in-1 wireless charging station, the Air Quad charges your iPhone, iPad, AirPods and Apple Watch in one small, simple place and keeps them neat and tidy. Say goodbye to messy cables. Never again will you need to look for your charging cables, now you can live organized.


Never Settle for Average, We Always Go for Top-Tier Materials.

Built with the premium material combo of aramid fiber & chrome-plated zinc. Both the Air Quad and the Air Trio are designed to be luxurious. The precisely cut aramid fiber face provides an unforgettable, luxurious and sexy smooth touch. The zinc alloy frame provides stability and a high degree of accuracy. Both materials are engineered to dissipate heat effectively whilst still giving that high-end appearance.