At Transparent, we believe in the value of uniqueness, usability, and efficiency.

We are on a mission to become the first circular tech brand. We achieve this mission by making timeless, modular Bluetooth or wireless electronics that are forever upgradeable. We believe products should get better with age and that companies are responsible for removing electronic waste from the world. Our products are designed to be reusable for far longer than most in the market.

Take your music and audio to the next level. See Ante Shop's line of Transparent speakers here.

4 products

4 products

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How much do good speakers cost?

Generally speaking, good speakers for an average-sized room are priced in the hundreds to thousands of dollars range. Good speakers are not necessarily more expensive but you may find better quality ones at higher prices. Always test out and check for yourself!

What is the best cheapest speaker?

With cheaper speakers, do not expect to find great sound quality comparable to the ones made with more expensive materials. At Ante Shop, you can find some of the best speakers at a range of prices.

What does transparent sound mean?

A transparent sound simply means that the sound the speaker produces is clear and accurate, without imperfections.

Are more expensive speakers better?

No. Just because a speaker is expensive, doesn’t mean that it is good. There are many speakers made that are expensive just because of brand name. Always do your own research.

Which is the best wireless speaker to buy?

The best wireless speakers are those that can give you a clear, crisp, and transparent sound that also caters to your needs. Some more expensive ones have options for you to tweak the sound to your liking.

Where can I buy Bluetooth speakers in Singapore?

Bluetooth speakers are a popular choice in Singapore. You can buy some of the best ones at Ante Shop!


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