HiRise Pro for Laptops and MacBooks | Ergonomic, Height-Adjustable Stand with MagSafe / Wireless Capable Charging Base

Sale price$169.00

HiRise Pro for Laptops or MacBooks is an ergonomic height-adjustable desktop stand that lets you elevate your laptop to your most comfortable viewing height . HiRise Pro has a leather base and offers space to insert a MagSafe  disk to MagSafe or wirelessly charge a device and save space on your desk. With its spring-loaded piston, you can customize the height of your device for reduced neck strain. HiRise has two silicone-lined arms that grip your laptop or MacBook with upturned ends to prevent slipping, while open arms provide maximum airflow. Pair with a keyboard and mouse, and get down to business to create a workstation anywhere. If you prefer two screens, HiRise lets you set the horizon of your laptop to the same height as your display for the ultimate dual-screen setup. 

Insert a MagSafe charging disk (not included) under the leather base into a special chanel to MagSafe  or wirelessly charge your iPhone , AirPods , or wirelessly charged device without taking up extra space on your desk.  The charging section is elevated to accommodate larger phone cameras that protrude from the back and allow them to lay completely flat to charge.  Compatible with MagSafe cases and most cases up to 2mm thick.

HiRise is made from aluminum to ensure a sturdy base and lasting performance.


Color: Silver