Airinum Urban Air Valve Stoppers

Sale price$24.90

The Urban Air Valve Stopper can be used to replace your valve caps in order to reduce the exhalation function of the Urban Air Mask 2.0. Available in 3 different colors. The valve stoppers can only be used for the Urban Air Mask 2.0. The Exhalation Valve Stoppers have been tested at RISE R&D Center in Sweden with evidence showing that it will block 99% of the exhaled air, diminishing the risk of respiratory droplets escaping into the ambient air.


The Exhalation Valve Stoppers are attached to the valves in the same manner as the Valve Caps. The difference between the two is:

(1) The Exhalation Valve Stoppers have an additional ring inside which closes the blue silicone disc on the valve and thereby disables the ventilation function.  

(2) The print on the outside of the Exhalation Valve Stopper indicates that the valve function has been disabled.

Color: Black