l Lexon PowerSound Wireless power bank 5000 mAh with 360° BT speaker


Lexon PowerSound Wireless power bank 5000 mAh with 360° BT speaker

5 000 mAh Qi wireless power bank
3W built-in Bluetooth® speaker
360° sound
TWS technology
Bluetooth® distance: 10 m
Autonomy : 20 h
Charging time: 6 h
Solely wireless charging and recharging
Compatible with all Qi enabled devices


PowerSound is an entirely wireless innovation. No connector, no cable; this is a revolutionary 2-in-1 device that combines the convenience of a power bank capable of charging all Qi enabled smartphones or earbuds, with the handy addition of a portable speaker.


PowerSound is a 5000 mAh Qi wireless power bank that is solely wireless charging and recharging. It has no cables or ports and is fully recharged in 6 hours by setting it on top of any wireless station. PowerSound is also equipped with an LED to indicate the correct positioning while charging itself, or another device.

360° SOUND

Sound that wraps 360° around. Play your favorite music to your hearts’ content with PowerSound’s 20 hour lasting playtime. Enjoy immersive crisp sound with 3W built-in Bluetooth® speaker that’s also pairable via TWS.


Easy to carry, PowerSound has a smooth design crafted from durable synthetic leather that makes it convenient and portable. Now you can wirelessly charge your phone and enjoy music on the go.

Material: durable synthetic leather or fabric finishing
Ø 7,5 x 2,3 x 14 cm / 2.95 x 0.78 x 5.51”
Weight : 190 g l 6.70 oz