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Secrid Premium Edition Miniwallet Emboss Lines Black

Meet the Premium Collection; the iconic Secrid wallet, evolved in all details. For those who want the highest standards of design, craftmanship and sustainability.

A new eye-catching metal lever and diamond-pattern bottom; elevating our signature patented mechanism. Soft Italian leather with a new luxury-bag-inspired closure button. Each detail of the wallet has been selected with the utmost care and evolved to the highest quality, resulting in premium pocketwear. With a five-year guarantee.

First Metal Lever

Our eye-catching metal lever is made from durable stainless-steel metal and especially crafted for this collection. It is the next evolutionary step for our patented Secrid mechanism. The metal lever also magnifies the iconic Secrid click as your cards are revealed.

Italian Artisanship

Every leather wallet is refined by Italian leather artisans. The family companies we partner with combine the latest research with traditional methods. In cooperation with these partners a bespoke design was created for the Emboss Lines. The remarkable deep colors and a subtle shine on our Dusk wallets are the effect of the vegetable tanning process.

Diamond Detail

The Premium Collection features a diamond pattern at the bottom of the mechanism, reminiscent of the design of high-end Japanese and German cameras. This tactile detail perfectly complements the metal lever.

Closure button

A new closure button was custom-designed for the Premium Collection. Inspired by luxury bags, the new button has a flat surface, creating a sleek profile.


All our products of the Premium Collection come with a five-year warranty.