l Zens Liberty Built-in Wireless Charger Glass Edition


Zens Liberty Built-in Wireless Charger Glass Edition

The Liberty Built-in Wireless Charger Glass allows for the user to leave all power adapters at home. The Liberty Built-in has the possibility to charge two devices wirelessly at 10W each. In addition to the wireless charging options, it features a USB-A as well as a USB-C port. The USB-A port lets a user charge a USB-A powered device such as an Apple Watch, headphones or Bluetooth speaker. The USB-C PD port offers 27W output. A tablet, MacBook or Ultrabook can now be charged by simply plugging in a USB-C into the Liberty Built-in. The 65W power adapter is ready to power all devices at once.

Built-in Liberty Wireless Charger: Glass Edition
Ever wondered what’s under the hood? This charger has a see-through tempered glass surface to reveal the inside of the wireless charger. You will be able to see the 16 charging coils seamlessly working together to make sure your devices regain their power quickly.

Perfect match
Use the Built-in Liberty charger to its full potential by combining it with the Apple Watch USB Stick and recharge your Apple Watch in sleep mode.


  • Built-in wireless charger: turn any flat surface into a wireless charging spot
  • Glass surface revealing the inside technology
  • 16 charging coils for maximum freedom of placement
  • 2x 10W wireless output to charge 2 compatible Qi devices wirelessly
  • Integrated 27W USB-C port to charge a tablet, Ultrabook or MacBook Air
  • Integrated USB-A port to charge a fourth device
  • 65W power adapter included
  • Case friendly: works with most lightweight cases (< 3 mm)